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Seasonal Turf Maintenance


Clear the grass of leaves, stones & twigs before you begin to mow. Gradually reduce the height and cut and mow more frequently the quicker the grass grows. Apply a spring feed from late April. Kill moss and remove debris if necessary.


Feed and water as necessary. Rake lightly before mowing to raise trailing stems. Mow regularly arranging for assistance if you are away on holiday. Spot treat weeds.


Remove fallen leaves and if the grass keeps growing, you keep mowing! Re-turf worn patches or larger damaged areas. Apply an autumn fertiliser and treat any diseases that may develop.


When there is snow or frost on the lawn, you keep off. Ensure that your mower is serviced prior to winter storage. If the weather is mild and the grass still grows, gently ‘top’ the lawn with the mower at its highest setting.

Turf After Care

Importantly, KEEP OFF THE GRASS and do the following.


Your main priority once a NEW lawn has been laid is to ensure you continually soak the turf right down to the soil layer. This must be repeated daily (unless the heavens open, of course) to allow the turf to establish a connection with the soil. Continue watering the lawn like this for the first month or so.

During hot spells, or periods of drought, water your lawn early in the morning or early evening where possible. This allows the water to get to the grass roots before the sun burns it off.

After 4-5 weeks your turf will knit itself to the soil. Establishing this connection successfully will provide you with a beautiful lawn for many years to come.


Do NOT attempt to mow the lawn after watering, this is guaranteed to ruin your lawn.

Use caution at first and give the turf a chance to establish itself. Preferably a length of at least 25mm should be reached by the grass before you mow it. This length is normally reached around the 3 week mark (from freshly laid) although in Spring and early Summer the grass grows quicker.

Mow the NEW lawn with a mower set on a high setting for the first cut. If a close cut is required, gradually reduce the mowing height over time. Box all the grass clippings.

And that’s it! Enjoy your NEW lawn.